Verband der Interessensgemeinschaft Dezentrale Wohnungslüftung e.V.

The Residential Decentral Ventilation Union

This is the homepage for IGDWL e.V. You can submit your questions or comments at info@igdwl.de  at any time. We are excited about exchanging knowledge with you.

The Association

  • The residential decentral ventilation union is a cooperation between various participants within the market segment of decentral equipment and units for residential ventilation.
  • The IGDWL represents the interests of the members regarding market partners, politics, science and standardization.
  • The members of IGDWL consists of companies and distribution organizations within the residential decentral ventilation industry.


  • A central pillar in IGDWL is the principle of information sharing and transparency for all stakeholders.
  • This not only includes the product description, but also the proper framework conditions. This way IGDWL is able to establish realistic as well as customer-minded guidelines for units within the residential decentral ventilation industry.
  • The goal for IGDWL is to determine standards and requirements for the units in order to enable qualified comparisons and measurements. More specifically to make sure that a comparison of measuring values for e.g. the generated wind load and the application-specific performance values can be identified.


  • IGDWL aims to provide public available and company independent methods and information for describing and evaluating residential decentral ventilation units.
  • Architects, planners, trade organizations, and industrial/private customers should be advised about the functions of the units and the energy efficiency in a transparent and documented way.
  • The customer should, by one look, receive all the relevant information needed in order to determine the best ventilation unit for their project.


Here you find an overview of our members.


Flyer IGDWL e.V. English
Flyer_IGDWL_DIN-A4_GB-Print.pdf (3.59MB)
Flyer IGDWL e.V. English
Flyer_IGDWL_DIN-A4_GB-Print.pdf (3.59MB)

Legal Notice

IGDWL e.V. - The Residential Decentral Ventilation Union  

Wilhelmstr. 31

13593 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 362001-0

E-Mail: info@igdwl.de

Charlottenburg District Court, VR 35024B
Registered Office and Court of Jurisdiction: Berlin


1. Chairman: Michael Merscher
2. Chairman: Nico Schellenberg
Cashier: Rolf Heiden

Secretary: Alexander Buchspieß
Press contact: Cora Dünkel